"Is it legal to have more than one acuator on one solenoid?"

A couple students and mentors and I are wondering if it is possible to run more than one actuator on a single solenoid. More interested in if it is FIRST Legal.

I haven’t seen a rule that states it’s not legal ('course I could have missed something). Just remember that you are restricted by the CV of the valve.

it is legal, and in many situations a smart way of setting up the system.

For example, if you are using shifting transmissions, it can assure that both shift at the same time so you don’t end up with one side in hi and one in low.

There are other devices where you need to be sure two things move at once, or that both ends of something move at once (opening a door, lifting something).

It can be a little slower, due to the size of the solenoid.

Thanks very much Chris

T valves work great. Heres a link to smc pneumatics.

Thank you for the link very helpful.

From what i understand this holds true in 2011?
we want to use 1 solenoid for shifting 2 transmissions.


For 2011, one solenoid valve* driving two cylinders is allowed. (The other way around—two control valves into one cylinder—is illegal.)

*Remember that a solenoid actuator is different from a solenoid valve, per <R46>.