Is it legal to release the frisbee with the edge of the goal?

So can we raise our robot arm and drag the frisbee against the goal for the suction cup to let it go? as in the hand actually goes inside the goal and drags the frisbee to release it and pulls the hand back out.

I presume you’re only talking about the low goal.

Remember that you can’t touch anything outside the field with your robot. Q&A clarified that includes the chains in the goal.

Robots cannot break the plane of the field.

ROBOTS may not contact anything outside the FIELD.

Violation: ROBOT will be DISABLED. However, if it occurs during AUTO, and there is no safety concern, the Head Referee will allow a 10-second grace period at the beginning of TELEOP for the ROBOT to correct the situation.

In this particular situation, I doubt that your robot would be disabled, as there is no immediate safety hazard, but it is against the rules.

I don’t think this is necessarily true as long as they don’t contact anything. So here as long as the Disk is the only thing that touches the goal I don’t see anything wrong with it. It does seem to be a rather risky situation to be in though.

You can break the plane of the low goal as long as you don’t touch anything. [Q20]

From the Glossary:

FIELD: the area bounded by and including the GUARDRAILS, ALLIANCE WALLS, LOW GOALS, and FEEDER STATIONS.

I take this to mean that the LOW GOALS are part of the FIELD, so extending your ROBOT across the plane of that goal is legal because you are still inside the FIELD. I see no reason why you can’t touch the chains or something else inside the goal, as long as you aren’t breaking any other rules.

Ehh, you’re going to make me look it up for you, aren’t you? OK, here goes: