Is it legal to use a motor controller to power a 12v LED?

We have a 12v LED flashlight, but the rio outputs 5v with DIO. Our ideas were then to use a mosfet, relay, or a motor controller. We only have a motor controller, so would it be legal to do so, and would the LED survive?

It should be fine.

We have used led ring lights controlled by motor controllers like the old spike relays but more recently victors or talons. If the LED is designed for 12V it should have no problem. Don’t think we have ever had an inspector question us about controlling it that way. Just want to make sure you are giving it the proper power instead of reversing it.

Did you by chance get one of the new REV PDH units? I believe it has a switchable slot for things like this?

EDIT: Here is a link where it talks about using that switch on the Power Distribution Module

Yes, a 12V LED is a CUSTOM CIRCUIT. Table 9-2, last row, explicitly allows CUSTOM CIRCUITS to be controlled by a motor controller. I would put this on a fuse or breaker small enough to protect the LED. As a brushed motor controller work by duty cycle, you should even be able to use it to control the brightness of the LED. (I’ve never tried this.)


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