Is it legal to use digital air compressor?

Is it legal to use this type of compressor?
It doesn’t exceed the nominal flow rate.

A link would help better than a picture.

One question… how does it turn on/off? Is that something controlled by the compressor itself, through the buttons and readout, or does the compressor just turn on when plugged in?

Compressors like this are usually intended for emergency roadside use - you get a flat, plug it into your car, and pump up the tire so you can get to a shop. In addition to legality, I would worry about the duty cycle of such a compressor (which, unlike those typically used in FRC, is probably not listed anywhere you can find), and if it would hold up over the course of a season.

You also have a question of interfacing… that output is going to be tough to get a solid, stable interface with. It’s designed for temporary, short term, motionless contact. Put it on a robot that’s bouncing around the field, and I bet it pops off at some point. This is one place you really want a stable connection!

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I see, thank you the number one reason i asked this question is that my team is located in Turkey so that it is easier to find this type of compressor. However, after what you said i don’t think that this is an option for FRC.

Maybe you could find a tire inflation compressor that does not have an integral on/off control. (most don’t) You would have to be able to document the rated pressure, >125 PSI and flow rate >1.1CFM. Sorry for the wonky imperial units. The flexible connection would be OK since it is part of the compressor. You would need to connect it directly to a relief valve.

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