Is it mandatory to create your own safety manual? Or is FIRST's safety manual fine?

My team’s safety manual is the FIRST provided one because our team is too small to create our own. We have never experienced a problem with it before. However, today, the safety judge told us that have to create our own manual and shouldn’t use that one. However, I have found nothing in the Game Manual that explicitly states that we must create our own one. Is it mandatory to do so? Thanks in advance.

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No…a safety manual is not a required document for FIRST purposes.


Not only are you not required to create one, you’re not even required to use the provided one. The safety inspectors have a very specific idea of how teams should be staying safe… do what’s best for your own team. It’s fine of those ideas aren’t the same and none of it is mandatory.


Thanks! That’s what I thought. We have our own specific safety guidelines that we go over with our team, it’s just that we don’t have the ability to create our own safety manual.

Ok, thanks!

But…um…please wear safety glasses and things like that…


Safety? Idk her.

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