is it possable to get a joystick with a gameport

is it possible to get a joystick with a game port that will work with this years interface that isn’t the one they give us in the kit. I’m looking for a joystick that is stiffer then the one they give us and sturdier. I noticed the hot team at this years eastern Michigan regional competition and they had a steering wheel for their robot. I don’t know what they used but if anybody from that team sees this post by the end of the regional please come over to team 1256 and help us out with how to get a joystick that will possible work but if you don’t see the post in time please post the answer here. I would really like to get a joystick that might work. and when are they going to update the interface to USB or fire-wire something good not out dated. I mean i know they are making a good amount of money off of these controllers but we pay a ton of money to get the kit and the best they can give us for controllers are the ones that cost them less then 5 dollars. If you ask me but that is sad. But that would be great if you could help us out with that. By the way if you do see this my name is Brandon Cook just ask for me and i will come and talk with you and my other driver who will talk for me because i have lost my voice.

Thanks a lot,
Brandon Cook
and sorry about the awful spelling

I really hate to do this, but I give you “Google”:

Come over to 1213’s pit tomorrow to see our pair of gamepads.

The logitech 3d Digital Wingman has a gameport interface (w/ usb adapter). It appears to not be made anymore…atleast only has used ones. If you are interested, drop me a email and we can talk…I’ll give it up if you have difficulty finding one. It’s not brand new, but its very lightly used.

Easiest way is to buy USB gamepads (or sticks) and rewire them using the gameport cable from those junk joysticks in the kit. Only catch is that most USBs use 10k pots. So, you’ll need to turn them into true voltage dividers by clamping te un-connected side to Ground. Make sure to calibrate your Victors.