Is it possible to create 3D parts with a 3-Axis CNC machine?

Machine Brand: Stepcraft
CAM Software: Fusion 360
No specific part/application in mind yet, just gauging plausibility.

Possible, yes.

The two questions you’ll need to think about are “how much travel does the macine have?” (in all 3 directions) and “are the available speeds and feeds appropriate for the material and cutters that I have available?”

After that comes thinking about HOW to do it.

Understood. Thank you. I’m confident we have the feeds and speeds, as well as end mills, necessary to run such a task. You make a good point with heights though. The machine’s Z-height will likely not support larger parts. If we were talking on a small scale, with available feeds and speeds, are there any resources/known processes for a Fusion 360 CAM setup?

3D contouring tool paths are built into Fusion 360. I’m sure you could find numerous tutorials on YouTube by searching “fusion 360 3D contouring”


Good to know that feature is built into Fusion. I’ll see what I can find on YouTube. Thanks.

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