Is it possible to test code for a motor if you don't have the motor on-hand?

The title says it all

What about the motor code do you want to test?

Simulation allows you to test almost everything.

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It would be helpful if you provided more details such as what motor and controller you are using. If you are using one of the brushless DC motors, you can use the simulator like @jdaming stated. If you are using brushed DC motors, you can substitute a different motor.

What sort of testing do you want to do? Are you just trying to see that the motor spins when it should and that it is spinning in the correct direction, are you wanting to test a PID control loop or are you wanting to tune a shooter?

I’m not sure what motor we are using but I was curious if there were any simulators I could use

I’m using a SparkMax motor controller though

Your code doesn’t care what motors you’re running, it only cares what motor controllers you’re talking to.

That works, thank you

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