Is it possible to use a mouse as a controller?

I was planning to use a VR remote like the “VR BOX Controller” instead of a Logitech joystick or Xbox controller because I have had those fail in the past and wireless is much more convenient. My computer recognizes it as a mouse and since it has a joystick I wanted to know if it could be used or maybe two (one for each hand). How could I go about reconfiguring the way it is recognized by the computer and in the driver station, Mac or PC.

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Do you want to use this for competition, or just for fun?

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Right now just for fun but I would like to build a custom controller for competition.

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Why? Does it make a difference?

I could be wrong, (I’m too lazy to look it up) but I thought wireless HID aren’t allowed.

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They aren’t allowed but if the OP wants to try it out “for fun” during the offseason, there’s nothing preventing that. However, anything wireless is not allowed for competitions.

Even if it’s just for fun would it be possible?

It is easier than I thought. There was a mouse to joystick program already made (for older games). Just download a couple programs (vJoyand MouseToJoystick). To enable joystick mode, double right click on the MouseToJoystick program window, and it centers your joystick.

I haven’t explored more than that, but the vJoy has a lot of config options, so maybe some changes are possible there. Also, the MouseToJoystick program could be customized for more flexibility. In the default settings, the mouse scroll wheel wasn’t doing anything, which it would be nice to add that.

edit: Also for fun, it wasn’t too hard to set up voice commands using a program, VoiceAttack, to make keypresses.