Is it possible to use a second monitor

Can we use a second monitor connected to the laptop using an hdmi/vga? i have looked in the rules and it has said nothing about it

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Yes, as long as it fits on the driver station.

More properly, the Operator Console:

R98. The OPERATOR CONSOLE must not

  • A. be longer than 60 in. (~152 cm)
  • B. be deeper than 14 in. (~35 cm) (excluding any items that are held or worn by the DRIVERS during the MATCH)
  • C. extend more than 6 ft. 6 in. (~198 cm) above the floor
  • D. attach to the FIELD (except as permitted by G19)

YES we have for 3 years. Would not go with out it.

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I can’t imagine drivers working with nothing but the display on the Driver Station. We have extended the Driver Station laptop display to a large screen monitor, along with the SmartDashboard and are using that extended display uniquely as a POV display for the driver.
R8 shown above is all you need to be concerned with and a cabled connection between the display and laptop is perfect.

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