Is it possible to use CAN, a camera, and the wireless without the 2Can adapter?

Is there a way to do that or do you need to use the 2CAN adapter. We’re thinking about buying a Black Jaguar but would that take away the port on the cRio for our camera?

The black jaguar method of getting CAN bus uses the serial port on the cRIO, not Ethernet port 2 (which is used by the camera). So yes, if you use a black jaguar you can get CAN and camera combined without needing a 2CAN adapter.

This is definitely possible. We did it last night!:slight_smile:

Thank you.

The CAN code currently only supports the voltage control mode (just like the PWM control), but it should support the closed-loop control functions soon…I hope.:slight_smile: I have written some of the methods in C++ for this, but have not test them yet. If you search for woodk, he has posted some code.

  • Bryce