Is it possible too import the Auodesk Files to Solidworks?

Can our team import the parts library available at Autodesk Firstbase to Solidworks(using Autocad)? Our mentors are more familiar with solidworks. Or is there a solidworks part library?


I generally avoid using the part library. The parts are often made individually. My experience shows that they were drawn to look good individually. Not together. You try to assemble them and you will see they don’t quite line up. My guess is that you can import them, however I don’t suggest you spend the time working on it.

I like the parts on - look for the individual manufactures such as SMC. Also, we partnered with FIRST CAD Library to recreate a majority of Ed’s parts in SolidWorks. If parts are available from manufactures in neutral file formats use STEP and import the geometry. File, Open, (select files of type STEP)

For a short cut, for parts that don’t interact with any of your machined parts or moving parts, represent the part as a box with overall width, height, depth for its footprint. In the assembly, you can insert the actual weight in Tools, Mass Properties.