Is it required to use 2017 control system?

Our team always uses the FRC Eclipse plugins to generate new command-based project as well as create new commands and subsystems. We feel reasonably sure we were careful and installed the 2017 plugins. However, the new project that got created would not even compile (with no changes made). New subsystems and commands don’t compile either. It’s possible we don’t have the plugins installed correctly or are inadvertently using the 2016 versions. It’s something we plan to double-check after we get some forward momentum after spending all of Saturday trying to get a simple project to drive the robot.

We finally were able to make some headway by making a quickie project with RobotBuilder. What it generated looks WAY WAY different from past years and from what the project wizard in Eclipse makes. RobotMap was the biggest change. It’s no longer a simple header file, but a class with static member variables.

This is our team’s fifth (or sixth) year using command based C++, so we certainly have some experience using it. I’m hoping we just accidentally reinstalled the 2016 plugins or something. That would explain a lot.