Is it true that the Kickoff is actually filmed and recorded?

Hey guys,
Is it true that the Kickoff is actually filmed and recorded? I mean, the kickoff will not be live?

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Yes. This year they are pre-recording it.

So when & where I can see it?
If I’m not wrong, I know that just in the end of the kickoff broadcast you can see the vid fully or jump for a specific part.
Is it true too? There is an official notice of FIRST about that?

FRC staff (and a few key volunteers) spent this past weekend at Dean’s house filming segments of the Kickoff for the January 7th broadcast. Dean was very gracious and moved his helicopter so we could fit a full competition field in his hanger. (Some people have garages, some people have hangers.)

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HAHA sory about what?

They say “segments” of the FRC Kickoff, I remember the Logomotion kickoff had a prerecorded segments which were shown, mixed in w/ live parts. I may be misreading this, but I think there may be a live venue, with these videos shown to those on the webcast.

Nah, you just haven’t been reading Bill’s Blog.

The entire Kickoff will be prerecorded, with those in the “live venue” watching the prerecorded Kickoff. There will be a field at the New Hampshire Kickoff to interact with afterwards… but no live segments. It’s officially being called the Kickoff Screening (Bill’s Blog, 11/18).

In a meeting late last night, a decision was made to convert the live Manchester Kickoff Broadcast to an all pre-filmed event. Teams are still invited to travel to Manchester where the 2012 game unveiling will be screened at the same time it is broadcast to the local kickoffs. I don’t have final details yet, but I will keep you informed as they develop.

NASA now has an iPad/iPhone app that allows you to watch streaming events through the app - including kick-off! You can also watch their stream, via the website, optimized for iOS and Android. So if you are not at a kick-off event, you have several options to watch the kick-off video.

When: Starting at 10:30 am Eastern Standard Time on January 7, 2012. Just like everyone else.

Where: on NASA TV.

The NASA schedule has it starting at 10:00am-12:00pm EST officially like normal.

NASA has scheduled it for 10:00am, but Bill’s Blog has it scheduled at 10:30am.

So maybe we get to look at the FIRST logo for 30 minutes?

J/K - I’m involved with a local kickoff and historically this time has been used for inspirational announcements and housekeeping and giving away prizes…

Maybe that’ll be a hint like last year? :yikes:

I’m sure we will get to look at the repeating PowerPoint of sponsors, etc …

Sponsors, and maybe some promo videos or something.

Does anyone know why they are pre-recording it this year, instead of doing Kickoff live? I feel like it kinda takes a bit of the excitement out of it, instead of watching a live broadcast.

I can think of two reasons,

  1. The New Hampshire primary debates next week; probably want to save people the trouble of high hotel rates vs. getting the same quality kickoff at home(minus the field of course).

  2. To make things go smoothly; potentially cutting time out of the boring stuff. :rolleyes:

Boring stuff?! exaggerated voice What part of kickoff would be boring for any reason! :ahh: :stuck_out_tongue:

Only the reveal of the game.

I think the impressive list of guests that will be speaking has something to do with it. Can you imagine the security involved in having two former presidents, Will.I.Am, Stephen Colbert, and others in the same place?