Is it weird to see an atwood motor floating in mid air?

Just a really random thing. I was taking a shower today and out of nowhere popped this floating atwood motor. It was just floating there for a couple of seconds.
Am i going crazy Dr. Joe?
I need serious help.
I hope i dont see a floating bagel tomorrow:confused:
Please help Me!

Did it speak to you on robot design, or did it just lazily float there? I saw a bearing the other day that looked kind of like George W. but maybe I’m just going crazy too…

I’ve only seen things float after a few hours of soldering without a vent fan on.

It just floated there. It was just about as useful … useless as my team.

ouch that was harsh! yea, floating motars hmmm, yea u might want to get that checked out. Chiphoa!<~mark did i spell that right?

Most of our team calls them chalupas :smiley:

I’ve heard them called Atwood, Chiahpua (the two typical names), Chalupa (adopted by most teams) Enchilada, Taco, “That Mexican Motor,” The Soda Can, the Big Black Thing, drool noise, <–(perhaps the most random) the pretty big one, and a few other things not appropriote for CD.