Is it worth it to go for the high, center goal?

The most interesting part of the 3 vs. 2 point goal is where is defence going to be the most effective? I believe that D this year is going to be most effective clogging up the single loading zone area… but if playing D in the loading zone area means I am giving up easy 3 point shots it might not be worth it. If I play D in the middle / scoring zone area to force teams to shoot from the trench zone and focus on 2 point goals that might be more effective because the single small loading zone area is going to cause enough chaos as it is already.

Excited to actually get robots on the field and test these theories!

It seems we all agree that shooting high is quicker on cycle times (most of the time).

Personally If line of sight is a concern then I recommend attaching a camera near your shooter and draw a square where the ball is most likely to go when shot (can be tested and tweaked) this will help manual aiming. Defense is gonna mess up your aiming even if you have vision software.

To answer the original post, I feel it is more rewarding to go high because I would rather take time to aim rather than to drive. But there are plenty of variables to consider. Stay away from complexity like high and low shooting, not worth it, pick one based on variables in a game.

Second bots usually are the best shooter or climber in these kinds of games (I was around during 2016)

Depends on if going for it is going to reward you with the best cycles your robot can get.

Unless it’s a Dropshot

Which loading zone area are you talking about? Are you saying that blue robots will play defense at the red loading station, at the opposite end of the field from the red goal?

I haven’t read all of the responses, but this is definitely a strategic question, and the correct answer for you depends greatly on your team’s capabilities and priorities. How do you value match points vs rank points? Are you planning to spend the time saved on a high goal shooter on a control panel manipulator or leveling climber? What portion of the 49 PC required for a Rank Point do you figure to score? Can your low goal scorer be turned into a feeder for an alliance robot designed to intake from the upper holes in the feeder station?

Quite possibly. It’s a choke point for inbound Power Cells. No Power Cells over the wall this year.

It’s also a pretty major risk as if either robot gets bumpers into the Loading Zone and contact is made, Red (in this case) gets 15 points free.

Oh, and on the original question:

If you can make it in at least 3 times out of 5 while being defended, AND you want the WIN rather than the Generator RP, then yes. 6 points > 5 points. But if you can’t, then burn the time to get over there and drop a guaranteed 5 (plus any penalties) into the low goal.

If you’re going for the Generator RP, though… Go low, 5/5. 5 Capacity > 3 Capacity.

If you’re going for both… Go for whichever gets you the best points/Capacity combination.

Personally, if I was the only one building, high goal and pray it drops down the 3 instead of the 2.

It depends on how you are shooting it. One way is sitting in the target zone to get protected which creates a higher arc. The extreme case is right against the wall which gives you a nice easy to reference position (like STRONGHOLD). Going to be tougher to shoot INNER from their.

Yeah, I was hoping for a little more challenge this year.

I know a team… that’s thinking of driving right up to the wall under the goal (in the protected triangle) and shooting five balls nearly straight up every time for a ‘no risk’ 2 point shot. Setting the robot for only this shot.

I’m a little concerned that the spot could be blocked, or maybe every other team will have the same strategy, so you’ll have to wait for your team mate?

Is this a good plan? What are the risks/benefits?

I don’t think it’s too much harder to get to the scoring safe zone than, say, the goal side of your Trench Run. They get a foul if either they’re in the zone and you bump them or you’re in the zone and they bump you. So effectively there’s a 1-2 robot length psudo-safe zone around the actual safe zone where any defensive bot really doesn’t want to be. It should also be a much easier shot to land than the 20-35 ft shots from the Trench.

I’d just make sure that effort gets put in to have the robot be able to plow through the defense that they will get to some degree; max weight on robot and bumpers, beefy drive train, good driver’s practice. Being able to go through the Trench would be a benefit.


I think it’s a very valuable strategy.
I think if done right, should offer similar risk/reward as low-goal scoring, but double the point value.

I wouldn’t be too concerned with having to share the target zone with other robots. Scoring should only be 25% of your total cycle time at most, so you have the other 75% of your cycle time to do other things like driving and collecting ammo while your teammates are scoring.


It is a protected zone, so the other team has to be very careful if they are defending in that area. Once you are there, you should be able to shoot fast and you are safe from other ROBOTS bumping into you. It is an easy reference point to line up on from across the field (nice big graphic and easy to see high bit. If you are right against the wall, ALLIANCE partners should still be able to shoot from the TRENCH or out on the FIELD.

The biggests cons I see is you have to get there, is a longer path to travel, is a high arc shot which makes the INNER PORT almost impossible, and it blocks access to the BOTTOM PORT.

If it makes your shot more repeatable I would say it is worth it.