Is it worth it?

Posted by Robby at 12/29/2000 4:28 PM EST

Other on team #108, The SigmaC@Ts, from AIFL and Motorola.

Hey, you all may know me as the unicyclin’, tang lovin, FIRST-junkie. Well, this year Im flying up with my dad to the kickoff, so my team already has thier representatives. Just this week i started reading all of this stuff about the restricts on events and everything. Which got me thinking: Is it worth it for me to travel up there?
I would hate to miss it, being the 10th year of FIRST an all, but if I couldnt make any of the events, what would be the point, right? Well, any advice will be appriciated. And keep an eye out cause I have more FIRST holiday cards a comin’.


Posted by colleen at 12/29/2000 5:12 PM EST

Engineer on team #190, Gompei, from Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science and WPI.

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Posted by Robby on 12/29/2000 4:28 PM EST:

If your team already has their representatives… yeah FIRST may not kick you out… but they wouldn’t open room in any workshops or anything for you… For most of the Friday things… they are booked solid… and individuals have to check in based on web signups… Saturday there are no ‘events’ but i think they like for only two people per team there for space and ease of in/out purposes etc…

I just wouldn’t count on getting into any workshops Friday until all the actual team reps get in…