Is Java 11 actually required?

I’ve been on Java 8 since the season began, and I’ve been able to run and test code perfectly fine with it without error on 2 different computers. Will this end up being a problem at competition, and should I just update as a failsafe?

EDIT: should also specify for clarity that I am running VS code 2019 on the new 2019 control system



How did you install? If you installed using the wpilib offline installer, then it installed java 11 and it’s using that for everything related to wpilib. The rest of your system would still be using Java 8.

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I had Java 8 from the previous season and I simply installed the FRC Update Suite and VS Code using the steps on WPI’s website. I don’t believe I used an offline installer, but I could very well be wrong.

Assuming that you used these instructions, you used the offline installer:

Java is meant to be backward compatible. So it is very likely that Java 8 code would run on Java 11 without issue.

That said, installing Java 11 is not hard. I strongly recommend doing so. If you are on a non-standard configuration and need help at competition, i bet that’s the first thing folks want to do to help! So might as well do it now.