Is Labview Supposed to Be on The reimage?

? if not how would i be able to install without an external dvd drive?

I thought that the programming things were included on the classmate re-images on the developer account. I haven’t re-imaged yet, so I can’t say for sure but I’m sure they are included.

on mine theres no programming programs… and the laptop is repartitioned into 10gigs and only 1gb is free… and a 5 gig recovery partition with nothing on it… im wondering if i can formant that recovery partition.

=/ no labview on mines…

might have to kill that 5gb recovery partition and install labview via network

Sorry, I was wrong, mine is the same as yours.

We’re having similar problems here at 1727.
Also, I’m worried that because the re-image is Windows 7 there will be less functionality in LabVIEW, as it is not fully supported in Windows 7.

I would just use Virtual Box or something, but I’m pretty sure that the Classmate can’t handle that sort of load.

We’re also having problems verifiying Window’s authenticity. It keeps telling us that the registration date is past as well. So… I think we’re stuck.

once you have internet access it activates…

and also the classmate has 3 partitions
1 main 9.79GB partition with windows
1 100MB system partition
1 5.37GB recovery partition thats 100% Free

theres no space for labview unless we reformant or convert that recovery partition… im trying to do it without formanting it sofar nothing. i guess we will have to formant it :kanye shrug:

So, I logged in as Driver and the LabVIEW display came up! So, LabVIEW must be on there somewhere!

I’m going to re-image, as I believe we made a mistake with the user accounts. Somehow we ended up with 3.

All the reimage really does is update Windows. The rest are in the CDs.

But, this is really stupid

  1. FRC gives us CDs to install the programs…
    (if anyone is looking for a free solution for this, use ImgBurn to create an ISO on another computer and then use Daemon Tools Lite on the Netbook to install it)
  2. Windows 7 Professional takes up more than Windows 7 Starter, leaving us with what, 1 gb of space?

Ok, sorry, I’m done. I’m just really frustrated. I’m trying to port our labview code to java (this is how I’m learning to program the bot), so I need both IDEs, and our school doesn’t let us install any of our software on their computer, so we are stuck with this netbook and are stuck in this predicament.

That’s just an exe file made in labview. At least, it was last year. Therefore, you can’t conclude that labview is on the computer.
Plus there’s no need to reimage. Just delete the third account from Developer (we had the same thing happen to us. Windows makes you do this for some reason, I guess its because it doesn’t realize that the image comes with preloaded accounts).

the basic fix is to remove the recovery partition… and extend the windows drive… but im not sure if its legal lol if any thing il post up a .bat that will do it

Anyone figure out any benefit to even bothering to update the old Classmate OS from XP to Win 7?

okay so im currently formating the partition and im going to attempt to extend it with the windows. and i may upload a labview mountable iso

That’d actually be great! Please do.

annnnnnnnnd it blue screens and doesnt boot any more…

That sucks…
Just do another reimage

Wait, that’s what you got AFTER deleting the recovery and extending the partition?

yeah, im going to try just formanting it; i might have corrupted the mbr… il just keep messing around since i we have a copy

Eh, I jumped the gun on that conclusion. But you do need the LabVIEW runtime to use native compiled LabVIEW exe’s. So maybe we have the runtime environment but not actually LabVIEW.

yeah we got the runtime environment but not the actual labview…
we have the vision app and etc but not the actual program

that actually kind of sucks.

did some snooping well its right in our faces.

select disk 0
select volume 0
set ID=27 override

is on the usb key as a file called HIDERECOVERY.txt -___-

and also

select disk 0
create par pri size=5500
assign letter=R
format fs=ntfs quick label=Recovery
Create par pri size=100
assign letter=S
format fs=ntfs quick label=System
Create par pri
assign letter=W
Format fs=ntfs quick label=Windows

about to test a simple fix
make HIDERECOVERY.txt a blank file

create par pri size=5500
assign letter=R
format fs=ntfs quick label=Recovery


lets see if it works…