Is lonely

^ hand looks very yummy
> wants to go to oconomowoc
v should come to appleton to visit

^ has been to oconomowoc
< is going to appleton
v likes cheese

ok this thread idea has already been done and was killed just like this one will be i am sure very soon

^ lives in appleton, which is vary far from me
< just had her first taste of aby type of alcohol ever
v should listen to some weezer

edit - i was slow… mine is for the first post…

^- should listen to some Tool
<- should both listen to Weezer, and not get caught up in this thread
V- should be something that I am not

/\ listens to way too much Tool.

< wonders if Brandon’s randomness will close this thread within a day or so.

< wonders if Mike Krass is upset about someone biting off his funny thread ideas.

/ is probably human.

^ is a member of the Sea Dawgs.

< has more FIRST memorabilia from other teams then he knows what to do with.

V also colleted items from other teams during regionals and Nationals.

^- has a vest, but it isn’t made from real gorilla chest
<- has collected buttons, but also has a piece of the GilaMonsters’ (64’s) robot on his desk which was broken off at the LA regional (being field crew can get you some pretty cool souveniers)
V- thinks I’m insane

^ yep
<- has a piece of 470’s beast
V still can’t sleep cause clowns will eat them

^ made quite a good suggestion of listening to some Tool
< is at work
v thinks the olsen twins are hot

edit i think i killed the thread on my own for Brandon… no one will post after that!

^ - is mistaken if they think they killed the thred
< - thinks the olsen twins are hot
v - thinks vanilla ice is sexy and a good rapper

now maybe i killed it :slight_smile:

^ was wrong, just as i was

< thinks Vanilla Ice is the shiznit, because the new bassist of my favorite band used to play bass for him, and Ninja Rap was a beautiful piece of musical art.

v wishes that Miss Piggy would tie them to a chair

^needs help
< is a big Yankees fan
V likes roasted pig

^is wrong for liking the yankees and should root for the Mets instead
<Doesn’t really care for roast pork, and is glad he got to post in this thread
V Is gonna get a job

^ Needs a smaller sig.
< Is now 18 and getting a job.
V Is rather random.

^posted on his b-day
< hates his job (still likes the yankees)
V does not like the mets

^like’s the yankees more than the mets
<does not like baseball, therefore does not like the mets
V is surprised this thread is going considering the last one was locked

^ is right that I’m surprised
< is VERY surprised that this is still going
V is Brandon, to (possibly) close the thread

^ Has a black box robot
< Isn’t Brandon
/ Is more than likey Brandon

^ shares the same cool first name with <
< is getting in on this thread before its closed since he missed the last one
V is a cool person, as long as V doesn’t close the thread :wink: