Is Maryland part of the Northeast or Southeast

We had this debate in my family a few days ago, and it just came up elsewhere as well. Note that Mid-Atlantic isn’t an option :wink:

Hmmm, I am not from maryland but I have lived in here for about 4 years. Me I am from Southern Mississippi, so to me Maryland is north then again everything above Southern Mississippi is north to me.

As a South Carolinian, Maryland is the North.

Virginia is northish, too…but it’s still Southern enough to be in the South.

I have lived in the Southeast all my life, and all the books have taught me that Maryland is southeast, but I still say it is northeast.

From the northeast, it belongs to the South east,

I think that anything that was Confederate is south, and anything that was Union is north. Gotta love divisions that come from nearly 150 years of history!

I consider Maryland (and Delaware) part of the Northeast. I’m originally from New Jersey before I moved to Connecticut.

Then there’s Virginia, but I consider Virginia the redheaded stepchild. :stuck_out_tongue:

Northeast. I think I’d know… :stuck_out_tongue: I LIVE HERE!

Maryland was considered a Union state in the Civil War, so I go by that and the fact that if you divide the eastern coast states horizontally, I’d figure Maryland and Virginia’s border would be the line dividing it. =D

Being from the Northeast, I’d say Maryland is Southeast.
Why is Mid-Atlantic not there? Is it not good enough for the Ross family?

Maryland = South of Mason Dixon Line… = South

btw NJ isn’t north or south, we are Mid-atlantic, Thus the oringal name for the NJ Regional, The Mid-Atlantic Regional

I’m from Maryland, and I’ve never thought of it as a Southern state, so I’ll stick with Northeast. However, Maryland is home of the Mason-Dixon line:

Mason-Dixon Line, boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland (running between lat. 39°43′26.3″N and lat. 39°43′17.6″N), surveyed by the English team of Charles Mason, a mathematician and astronomer, and Jeremiah Dixon, a mathematician and land surveyor, between 1763 and 1767. The ambiguous description of the boundaries in the Maryland and Pennsylvania charters led to a protracted disagreement between the proprietors of the two colonies, the Penns of Pennsylvania and the Calverts of Maryland. The dispute was submitted to the English court of chancery in 1735. A compromise between two families in 1760 resulted in the appointment of Mason and Dixon. By 1767 the surveyors had run their line 244 mi (393 km) west from the Delaware border, every fifth milestone bearing the Penn and Calvert arms. The survey was completed to the western limit of Maryland in 1773; in 1779 the line was extended to mark the southern boundary of Pennsylvania with Virginia (present-day West Virginia). Before the Civil War the term “Mason-Dixon Line” popularly designated the boundary dividing the slave states from the free states, and it is still used to distinguish the South from the North.

But even though the Mason-Dixon line puts Maryland on the south side, Maryland was a state divided between the north and south, Located geographically in the middle of the country, Maryland was southern by tradition, but northern in its economic and cultural ways. And that’s all the history I’m going to teach you today!


Only one problem. Maryland, Kentucky, and I think one other state were divided. This meant that they were neither North nor South. It also meant that they supported both sides… as is almost the case here.

i never heard it souteast…but that’s me…tech. mid-alantic so that’s part of the northeast sector…i’m orginally from ny so yeah…now fl…

maryland is up north lol…and it’s cool place to visit and all…

Maryland gets snow, at least last time i was in Baltimore they got 20" in 2 days. And that was only 2 years ago. Therefore Snow @ Sea Level=Maryland is in the Northeast.

Maryland, Kentucky, Delaware, and Missouri were the 4 border slave states that stayed in the Union (didn’t secede).

A few years ago I was in Atlanta when it snowed on Halloween. Does that make Georgia in the Northeast?

Joe: I still say MidA. :stuck_out_tongue:


Did it stick? Because their are occurances where they have gotten snow in the Caribean and the Galapagos Islands.

But Yeah, I’d agree its MidA