Is press fitting gears on a bag motor possible?

I was just wondering if you can press fit 4mm broached gears on the bag motor? it doesn’t have the ribs that the rs 775, am-912, etc. have so I was wondering if the gears would slip. I’ve never used a bag motor but I haven’t seen them used outside of versaplanetary gearboxes which seem to use a coupler to attach them.

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Thanks, Luke

BAG motors have a keyway, so if you can get gears that also have a keyway, that’s the way to go.

I’d be concerned about press fit gears slipping on the shaft as well, but you might be able to modify the shaft to have more grip on the gear.

Bag motors do not have a keyway.

The answer is yes, you do not nee a knurled surface to press on a gear.

cool, I thought I was going crazy when he said bag motors have a keyway. Have you tried press fitting a gear to a bag motor or are you just saying it’s theoretically possible?

The RS motors do not have knurled shafts and people have been successfully press fitting gears on them for years.

I can’t say we have ever done it with BAG motors, we’ve only used them with the Versa Planetary.

I have pressed gears on smooth shaft motors before but not a bag motor. My favorite way is to freeze the motor and heat up the gear. It will then slip right on.

Perfect, Thanks

Whoops, my bad.