Is robot drive really important?

Hello fellows programmers,
I just wanted to know if this error is really important:

 Error at Robot Drive... Output not updated often enough. ERROR  1  Robot Drive... Output not updated often enough. 

I should probably put you more into context; when we hold a button, the robot drives forward by itself.
We only get this error message when we hold the button in question.

The error “Robot Drive… Output not updated often enough.” signifies that the robot is expecting to receive joystick values frequently, and is not. This is a safety measure to ensure that if a joystick fails for some reason, the robot knows about it.

This is probably happening because you have sent the signal to the drivetrain once when the button is pressed, and then you do not keep sending it signals. The drivetrain has a method around this: if you call the method “setSafetyEnabled” and pass it a value of false, it will no longer check for this constant input, which can be useful for autonomous. Be advised, however, that the robot will also not zero the outputs if a joystick fails… I suggest you only disable the safety during autonomous routines, and reenable it when you’re done.

Thank you very much;