Is specialization a viable strategy for Deep Space?


You also have to pick up the panel at the same height as level one anyway. So I’m not sure how you could specialize with hatches on level 2&3 since you will always have to pick it up at level 1 height.



I suppose it would be more of a theoretical niche. Since you’re right, it wouldn’t really be logical on account of picking up from the station at level 1 height.



Not that I think anyone would use it, but you could have a lift which only raises the hatch panel, and has a fixed puller at the feeder station level and fixed pushers at the two upper levels. For CARGO, most will pick up at ground level anyway.

More typically, I was thinking of teams who sacrificed speed (likely because of a higher CoG) to do the L2 & L3, and it might be more effective for them to continue scoring at those levels and let faster short robots do the L1.



If a team were to actually do this, they didn’t understand this year’s game. To make your robot even more complicated to AVOID level 1 would be ridiculous.

I could see a match strategy that a level 1,2,3 robot only did the top two levels if they were on an alliance with a level 1 specialist. But I don’t think that this would be specialization.



Now that we’ve had all the reveal videos and through week one. I’d like to ask the question again. Is specialization a viable strategy in this year’s game?

Specifically a hatch and climb robot?

A cargo and climb robot?

Just a triple climb robot?



I saw a lot of specialized low bots with climbs dominate competitions all over this weekend.



It seemed to me that if you could score a fair a mount of hatches WITHOUT DROPPING THEM and a climb, you were almost guaranteed a win.

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To complete lvl 1 with 6 null panels means 6 hatch panels and 10-12 cargo, which combined with three lvl 1 sandstorm bonus and a single lvl 3 climb with two lvl 1 climbs gives 75 points, which so far would win every elim match week one except for six, a couple of those would have ended in a tie.

Going forward I still don’t see hatch panel specialists being in high demand because side cargo hatch panel placement is extremely challenging, even without defesne being played. Besides, having a rocket bot and a cargo bot with either or both having a lvl 3 climb is enough to win most every match. The 8 cycles of the rocket bot and 9 from the cargo bot can complete lvl 1 scoring.

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I can agree for week one being a cargo bot was effective. However, I can see in the future them not being as effective since you will not be relying as much on null hatch panels (ie 5 will be used for sandstorm).



We from 4481 like to focus on one gamepiece rather then doing ‘everything’ . We are very happy how iT turned out in Orange County. Rank 5 without touching any cargo, we only do hatch panels (up to 8/9) and level 3 climb. Not sure how that strategy Will hold later in the Season but we are confident we will do good in San Diego.



Opposite of you guys, found out we were really good at cargo and we would do mostly cargo and then run hatch panels. In quals our best cargo match we hit 10 cargo and 4 hatches while our best hatch match we hit 7 hatches and 4 cargo. (Climber deployed by accident so we opted to run hatches)

In elims with 4414 they ran all the hatches while we ran all the cargo which worked great since it allows us to specialize and avoid collisions/defense.

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For us team 5885. We chose to focus on doing low hatches with a level 3 climb. We ranked 3rd at the of quals at the Durham College ONT district event. We also have a really consistent level 3 climb and being one of the fastest hatch bot at the comp



At ket 1 the 6th seed alliance captain was an everybot (low hatch and CS cargo only) they made it to finals and gave RUSH a run for their money.



At CHS district, both #1 alliance captains were level 1 cargo and hatch bots with hab level 3 climb. Both won the events too. I wasn’t following 346 too much, but 612 dominated with 2.9 RP average and 11-0 in qualifications simply because we had a reliable level 3 climb and some luck. For week 1? specialization with reliability is not just viable, it won the competition at CHS.

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I’m hoping it will carry over into MSC. My team is low/mid hatch specialist and lvl 2 climb (after watching week 1, we might need a last second lvl 3). We are planning on being quick cycling and looking good as a pick. We are using mecanum and line following to help us line up. In theory we should be a fast cycler and fill up 6-8 hatch spots. Fingers crossed that specialization lasts.



My belief is that if you have a good hab level 3 climb, you will be at least 2nd pick. Hab level 3 is so powerful, we did think about picking 2363 to monopolize hab level 3 as there were not a lot of teams with hab level 3. We picked them because their bot was awesome and amazing anyways.



In our competition we saw a team which couldn’t score any game pieces be the captain of the 5th seed alliance. They lost in the quarter finals, but currently having a consistent climber and getting a free RP every match will boost your rank really high. Especially since there wasn’t a single match where a team filled a rocket (did anyone actually get the Rocket RP without fouls in week 1?).

I’m sure the rocket RP will become more important as weeks progress, but right now climbing is the ticket to seeding high.



There was a rocket filled at ONT Durham college event by teams 188 and 610. This was done in qual 57 video on blue alliance but not YouTube and they lost the match that they did it in also so that is something else to.



from what i have seen in week one specializing in hatches on the high rocket is a way to get picked



When did such teams get picked? Were they early/late first round, or did they get taken in the second round?