Is specialization a viable strategy for Deep Space?


You also have to pick up the panel at the same height as level one anyway. So I’m not sure how you could specialize with hatches on level 2&3 since you will always have to pick it up at level 1 height.


I suppose it would be more of a theoretical niche. Since you’re right, it wouldn’t really be logical on account of picking up from the station at level 1 height.


Not that I think anyone would use it, but you could have a lift which only raises the hatch panel, and has a fixed puller at the feeder station level and fixed pushers at the two upper levels. For CARGO, most will pick up at ground level anyway.

More typically, I was thinking of teams who sacrificed speed (likely because of a higher CoG) to do the L2 & L3, and it might be more effective for them to continue scoring at those levels and let faster short robots do the L1.


If a team were to actually do this, they didn’t understand this year’s game. To make your robot even more complicated to AVOID level 1 would be ridiculous.

I could see a match strategy that a level 1,2,3 robot only did the top two levels if they were on an alliance with a level 1 specialist. But I don’t think that this would be specialization.