Is specialization a viable strategy for Deep Space?


It might just be because it’s still only week 1 but the best specialization teams who did high hatches or low cargo weren’t necessarily the first pick but got taken early in the first round. It also really depends on who the best team is, because at a regional like OCR or Del Mar where 330 and 4414 could do both cargo and hatch, they wouldn’t really need a specialist, but at other regionals, the best teams would be specialists, and needed to pick a specialist early on who could do the other game object. Also the few teams that specialized in climbing didn’t get picked but ended up as alliance captains generally


I’d like to point out and congratulate ROOKIE team 7447 at OCR who seeded 6th and the Team Captain of alliance 5 with an extremely simple panel bot. They went 8-1-1, and while some may say they just got lucky with schedule, I think their performance with the panels was exceptional.

Specialization may not be for every team, but I really like that they picked one thing and did it well and within their means.


in the FiT Austin regional 4610 was a first pick on the first alliance 2468 held the second seed 624 was first pick on the second seed and 2714 was first pick on the 5th alliance


Looks like they were taken pretty early. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: