Is telekinesis viable this year?

I was watching the game animation this year and noticed that one of the robots appears to be using telekinesis? I know this method has not had a great resume of success in the past, but could this be the year that robot telekinesis is viable?



I expect it to be the predominant meta at the Zhodani Consulate District Championships.


Nah, it’s probably just setting down the cone and then using a fan to blow it into place. :slight_smile:

The cone has some spin on it

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Thank you, your post just gave me the morale to finish my physics homework.

This really depends if the power for telekinesis is electrical and if so does it comes from the robot battery. If not then you may run afoul of R601

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Or if telepathy is considered to be a form of wireless communication?

I tend to doubt that telekinesis would use electrical power. Might need to worry about R608 if it’s considered to use some kind of psionic power.

Really might be more feasible to build your telekinetic ability into your Operator Console; that has fewer restrictions relating to power sources, and I think would be good as long as it’s not considered “wireless communications” per R905.

Best to just ask the LRI at your event. :slight_smile:

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There is no spoon…

I think it was just forward momentum.

Or maybe the field was briefly tilted while the camera remained in the frame of reference…Einstein’s windowless elevator. gravity pulled it, but the camera didn’t show the tilt.

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we actually wrote ‘leafblower’ under the potential mechanisms we might design.

Totally up for putting this on a robot, could be a game changer


Looks like the Telekinesis Modules are currently out of stock on AndyMark. Hopefully they get a new supply soon.


Based on RI3D team Cranberry Alarm’s extensive testing, I’d say yes, it is viable:


Now of course this was obviously only a crude prototype from Day 2, with some human intervention to make it work, but I think as a proof-of-concept, it shows it’s reasonably doable on a robot, given some additional research and development.


Interesting…I wonder if this would also work on the cones?