is the 2004 user interface compatible with the 05 RC?

What about 2003’s?

Thanks guys

Yes, we have used our 2004 OI with our 2005 RC. I’m pretty sure you’re required to use the 2005 OI at competitions, though.

I don’t believe the 2003 OI worked with our 2004 RC, so I doubt it works with the 2005 either.

I assume that the reverse is also true. The 2004 RC will work with the 2005 OI? We didn’t pull the current year’s RC and need to work on the autonomous code. We plan to use a testbot and the 2004 RC with the 2005 OI. Should work the same, No?


In both the 2005 OI and RC there are some specific designs that run with this years field. At the competition you can only use the 05 equiptment. But if you want to test at home for the next 17 or so hours, the 04 OI should work with the 05 RC, but i dont know if the 05 OI will work with the 04 RC.

**<R54> **You must operate your robot with the wireless, programmable Innovation First 2005 Robot Control System. Note: you may use the 2004 Robot Controller, but must upgrade its firmware to the latest 2005 version code by downloading the new code from the IFI website.

basically the 2004 doesn’t have a disable
2003 is not compatiable because its not programmed in C