Is the a way for suggesting additions to the FIRST software libary?

I already posted the same question in the FIRST forums, but it seems that there are more people on ChiefDelphi.
Is there a way to ask the FIRST software team to add a functionality to their library?
I would see great value in having a way to communicate over SPI, I2C or UART using the PsoC controller, because implementing those protocols in software would be a wast of resources since it would require to send single commands via wireless connection to the class mate which would then send the commands via usb. The reason for having those communication capabilities is that it would enable teams to build more sophisticated game controllers using a programmable ┬ÁC that communicates with the PsoC (due to comprehensible reasons we are not allowed to use a custom firmware)
This would require changes to the PsoC firmware as well as to the WPILib ad probably to some of the driver software components running on the class mate.
So does anybody know how to ask?

If you go to, and look for the WPILib project, there is a bug tracker/feature enhancement thing that you can use.