Is the andymark 1.1 pump still allowed?

it seems like the cfm limit is 1.1, so it should be allowed, yet in previous seasons I was told the andymark 1.1 pump was not allowed. It seems like it is within spec, so I don’t see a reason why my team couldn’t use it. we have a spare one from a while ago, and it is the perfect size/power for our usage.

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If it was in-spec for that season the inspector was likely mistaken; many think the Viair 90C is the only legal compressor. No issues using it now provided all the other pneumatics rules are followed.


I’ve had this happen to our team before too. We have a few of those older style ones and get old looks from inspectors who are unfamiliar or new. We have never had a legality issue though, more just “why use that heavier old one” and it’s usually “it doesn’t overheat” for us at least. During practice runs we can get the compressor hot if it’s running alot. The old ones just tend to absorb more heat, maybe due to the larger casing?

Also now that I’m thinking about it we’ve used our old pre 2011 Thomas Compressors too and been fine. Those were weaker at about .8 cfm iirc. But still after at least 11 years of off board compression they still work great.

Tldr; you should be okay, we’ve been using ours for years and just get odd looks.

Those compressors were prone to failure. I wouldn’t use it in a comp bot.

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