Is the AndyMark motor pg71 allowed?

We are planing on using the andymark pg71 with am 0914. It was given to us in our kit of parts and this motor is not in the FRC white list for approved motors. We were wondering if any one can shed some light on this please.

It’s in the KoP - it’s legal. Also, it’s just a AM 2161 (legal) with a gearbox.

That’s a dangerous assumption. It’s correct in this case, but it isn’t necessarily the case for everything.

Also, it’s just a AM 2161 (legal) with a gearbox.

This is correct. If you had asked on Q&A instead of Chief Delphi, they would say “See Q194” which says “The PG71 gearmotor (am-0914) is a combination of a motor (am-2161) and a PG71 planetary gearbox. Per R29, the am-2161 is a legal motor.”

So, what has been in the KoP and not been legal for the year it was issued?

I’ll bite - which motor in this year’s KoP isn’t legal to use on this year’s robot?

There weren’t any this year (nor ever, as far as I’m aware), but my point is that “it’s legal, because it’s in the KOP” is not a valid progression of thought (except for pneumatics). The only motors allowed on your robot are listed in R29, which apart from fans, makes no distinction for sourcing. I agree that FIRST would never put an illegal motor in the KOP, but thinking items are legal just because they’re in the KOP is not something to get in the habit of.

I feel like the train of thought you’re going after is a fallacious one. Saying “Don’t trust the items you’re given specifically for a task” seems really silly.