Is the KOP chassis compatible with a DS transmission

Hi my team is looking to use the kit of parts chasis however we plan to use a diffrent gear box at first we were using a three motor gear box but we want to go to a lower profile gear box to make space for certain mechanisms currently we have a WCP DS three motor trranmission and a hole pattern that fits it on the chasis

As long as you can create mounting holes for the gearbox it should work fine. You may need to modify the output shaft so that it’s the right length for the KOP chassis.

sorry should have been more specfic we already made custom holes for the three motor gear box we have so I was wondering if the lower vesrion of the WCP DS transmission has the same mounting holes

Is this the gearbox you’re planning on using? Both the 3 motor and 2 motor versions have identical mounting holes. The non-shifting version also has the same mounting hole pattern.

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