___ is the man!

This is a ________ is the man! thread.

I’ll start.

Patrick Fairbank is the man!


Jane Young is…the woman!

*Oops I think I broke it Nick, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: *

I have to do it.

Dave Lavery is out of this world!

Andy Baker is Andy Baker.

Mike Soukup

(This is a great thread. Can we post more than one?)

That’s it. This thread has reached its potential. It can be locked now.

I am just as much a fan of AndyMark’s products as anyone else here but I think Andy would be the first to tell you there are plenty of other folks in FIRST who deserve recognition too.

I’ll continue, Chris Fultz is the man!

Wayne Cokely is the man!

Alan Anderson is the man!

Thank you, Akash - wow.

I’ll have to think about my fill-in-the-blank for a while - how can you guys narrow it down to one person so easily? That’s amazing.

Kevin Ross is WAY the man (and I bet most of you don’t even know who he is :slight_smile: )

Gene Falendysz is the man. At least in our neck of the woods.:slight_smile:

Corey Wilkes is flippin’ awesome! Especially with a SawZall!

I didn’t, I just plan on doing one per post. (and posting many times) :smiley:

I’ll second Chris Fultz, and add Akash Rastogi.

I can only narrow it down at each post, so don’t feel bad.

Roy Visser (New 45 mentor) is the man!

Andy Grady is the man.

Chris Elston is the man.

If you think ________ is the man! you should consider nominating _______ for the Unsung FIRST heroes award http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/ufh.php?

Wayne Penn is the man.

Karthik Kanagasabapathy is the small wee man with a BIG heart.