Is the Motor "ZGB37RH" legal?

I’m wondering if the motor is legal?
Please tell me legal or not.

Model: ZGA37RH / ZGA37FH

Voltage: 12V~24V

Centric shaft

Round Flange/Square Flange

Gear Ratio available: 1/8.7,1/9,1/10.6,1/11,1/13.5,1/14.78,1/19,1/24,1/26,1/31.6,1/34.5,1/37,1/40,1/45,1/57,1/60,1/69,1/73.6,1/75,1/80,1/86,



Speed: can be made upon requirements.

Output Power: 5W~20W

If its not something that fits these requirements, then most likely not. You can find this chart in page 81 of the manual for future reference.

Edit: kinda looks like a 775, might be wrong, idk. It might be legal?

If it’s not one of those part numbers, it’s illegal.

Unless it’s a “select automotive motor”.

The motor itself probably isn’t, as per previous comments. The gearbox, however, should be. You might be able to separate them and install an FRC-legal motor (like the 775pro). Alternatively, it appears that the manufacturer sells the gearboxes separately.

Personally, I’d stick with a Versaplanetary. Vex has added several features that make the gearbox friendly to FRC: (1) easy-to-change gears; (2) several different mounting options; (3) output shafts that match other FRC components.

FIRST of all: Welcome to Chief Delphi!

Second, several others have already posted in this thread with information about how to tell if a motor is legal for FRC, based on rule R33.

So, it appears that the ZGB37RH motor is not legal, because it is not included in the list under R33.

One FRC-legal alternative that may be close to the same performance, depending on which gear ratio your robot requires, is Andymark PG series gearmotors. Here is one example.