Is the only place to view the kick of live at an official location?

Since there is not enough time to clone the members of our team before January 7. Why? The school district our club draws it’s members from is having an Education Expo the same date and time of the kick off. They invited us to demo and display what we do. Right now the plan is for one mentor and one or two students to go to the Expo and catch up with the group later in the day. That’s like 12% of the team. Anyway can we watch the stream at the Expo? It would be a great booth display!

You can view it online. We send one or two people to the UMN kickoff and the rest watch it at the school.

Will there be a link shared in a Blog post closer to the event?

There has been the past few years; I don’t expect this to change. IIRC, the link is usually put out about two weeks in advance. The last few years, the live link has been hosted by NASA’s video streaming capabilities; I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this trend also continues.

The game reveal video (or link to the video) has also been on the FIRST web site within minutes of the end of the live stream as well.

As others have said, the stream has been public for at least the past few years, and I wouldn’t expect it to change. We send a few people to NJIT to pick up the kit, but most of our team watches kickoff at the school. It saves us a lot of time and money, and it means that we can jump right into a rules-reading session, followed by game discussion and strategy in the comfort of our own lab.

I would HIGHLY suggest having the stream up at the Expo so everybody can see what you are getting yourselves into. Now, as you’re aware, some of the stuff can be pretty dull, so some volume adjustments may be necessary. I’d suggest turning the volume up during the scholarship segment, though–catch some ears, er, members and mentors! (Oh, and up during the game animation as well.)

(Oh, and up during the game animation as well.) on a loop

Is there a URL of the video player from last year? I want to make sure it’s not blocked at our school, prior to kickoff.

if i remember right it was hosted on NBC/Comcast Universal for a month after kickoff, and then removed after. See if their streaming site works.

Also check their YouTube page. they have last years on there.

Was it live on youtube, or just on demand?

It was on you tube after the reveal. The live stream was hosted on another website (Comcast I believe, I may be wrong)