Is the roboRio compatible with more than 2 cameras at the same time?

We want to use a roboRio with a side project, and want to know if it is possible to use more than two cameras. I am aware that you cannot view them at the same time, and have to toggle in between them. Also, that there are only two USB ports on the device itself. Would a USB splitter be able to use more?

Yes a usb splitter would work. It is just a regular Linux machine so it will work. I think you can actually set up two or more streams at once using a tool called mjpeg streamer. Look it up on Chiefs Delphi.

You can view two cameras simultaneously. It’s just the existing code provided to us doesn’t support it. We have had multi camera streaming on our robot before.

Yes multi camera works, but you’ll need to roll your own solution as the libs won’t work with more than one camera as-is.

One other point is to be mindful of how many you stream simultaneously, and the bandwidth required. For demo/testing purposes you’ll be fine, but if you hit a competition field, you’ll be rate limited to 7Mb/s.