Is the VEX servo legal in 2010

We are doing a checklist of electrical items and we have a camera mount that moves using a VEX servo (it’s a thing of beauty and wonder, but then I’m a VEX guy.)

Are VEX servos legal this year? In prior years they have been explicitly allowed.

It looks like the specs for it and the HS325HB are the same. according to the curves here.


The rule is specific in the use of servos, and is quoted here:

<R52> Motors specifically permitted on 2010 FRC ROBOTS include:
A. All motors, actuators, and servos listed in the 2010 KOP,
B. An unlimited number of COTS servos with a maximum output torque of 55 oz-in and maximum rotational speed of 100 rpm at 6 Vdc (e.g. HITEC model HS-322HD or HS-325HB servos, as provided in the KOP),
C. An unlimited number of FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) servos (HITEC HS-475HB servos),
D. One, two, or three additional 2½” CIM motors (part #FR801-001 and/or M4-R0062-12) in addition to those provided in the KOP. This means that up to five, and no more, 2½” CIM motors can be used on the ROBOT.
E. Identical one-to-one SPARE PARTS for motors, actuators, and servos provided in the 2010 KOP that may have failed or become damaged.

Be prepared with sufficient documentation to verify to the inspector that the servo you are using meets the rule definition. Makes things easier on everyone.:slight_smile:

The Vex servo does not meet the torque and rotational speed specs of <R52-B>.

According to the curve you linked to the free speed is over 100 RPM. According to both the curve and this page the stall torque is greater than the required 55 oz-in.

i’m afraid not… just use a more powerful servo… should work as well as a VEX servo

Just use the KoP servos, or find another servo that meets the specs from the rules. If my memory serves me right, the FTC servos have the most torque of all the allowable servos.

Thanks. Vikesrock answered this 4 days ago and we’ve moved through plan B to plan C that we implemented yesterday. (Turns out a chunk of polycarb was the best solution. Perfect aim, no moving parts, hard to break, easy to make.)

As Hannibal says “I love it when a robot comes together!”