Is their a team 646

Does anyone know if their is currently a team 646 . The Sayville team, 646 ran for one year in 2001. We are looking in to starting a new team and using that number. The adviser from that team said that he is all for it. does anyone have any seggestions for starting a new team?:confused:

Are you looking to reinstate the old team in some form, or create an entirely new team? Either way, I would first get in touch with FIRST (frcteams@usf…org) to see what their requirements are for reusing the old team number.

That number is still available. No one else has used it since Sayville did back in '01.
FIRST makes that decision though, so you’ll have to convince them.

That robot’s name was Blitzkrieg and the team motto back then was “Either we will find a way or we will build one together!”
Sayville was a Finalist that rookie year.

How did you find that information ?
Do you have any suggestions on finding details about inactive teams?

hey mark, its alex from 2487. due to varouis promblems with the school distract this year most of this years team is going on to form our own team but we can’t get them to let us use 2487. The advisor from the 646 is a teacher at our school and we talked to him about using 646 number to run our team and he thought it was a great ideaf. so if we have the advisor from the old team supporting, do you think it would be possable to get the number. btw thanks for all your help this year and last year

From Team 358’s Team Lookup, which is a great tool.

This is a Database of all FIRST Teams through the years. Based on and taken from the official FIRST Team database (e.g. Team 358) this has the advantage of preserving data on defunct teams as well as active teams. FIRST purges their database of teams that have not re-registered within the past three years. So if you’re looking for the record of a team that last played in 2005 it can be found here.

Hi Alex. You’ll have to change your CD screen name you know…

FIRST might be more receptive if the teacher approaches them about using the old team number. FIRST might be a little resistant, because they usually associate the team number with one school organization or one corporation.

You should try to get it, but FIRST might be more likely to assign you an unused team number from the same generation as 2487.

I know you’ve got the fundraising down. Good luck!

Its sam from 2487, Thanks for all your help!

From the Rookie criteria (2009 version; 2010 may be different):

  1. A returning team may qualify as a Rookie, but in order to do so must not have been in a competition for three years. That is, going into the 2009 season, they cannot have competed in either seasons 2008, 2007 or 2006. Teams whose last competition season was 2005, or earlier, can return this season as a Rookie, OR, they can continue as a veteran with their original number if they wish to do so. Teams that choose to register as a veteran would not be eligible for the above listed Rookie incentives and recognition.
    (emphasis mine)

So if you can get a mentor from that original team, in the same school, to request reactivation of that number, you might get it.

Please disregard this post and every thing it says. The original post was misleading in its meaning.