Is there a 2024 Field build purchase list?

Is there a field build purchase list published yet for 2024?

(from prior years).


This would help a lot if they did this again.
i also wish we could pre-order the specific real field element (on AM) to help expedite the process to ship it right after the game is unveiled. We dont need to know what it is prior.


Quite the title you have. I got baited lol. T-T


[Misread the above post, thought it said game piece and not element]

I was thinking more in line with the hub in 2022. And not the actual balls from that year. Getting game pieces was relatively fast as AM had them in stock. Getting the hub was a different story. It took us more than half the build season to get it. That’s way to late…just trying to find ways to get things earlier. IDK if those things were made to order, or in limited quantities until they could make more. Those sold out quick that year, then came back up for sale later once they made more.

I spoke with some of the guys at AM about this a while back. If I recall correctly, the difficulty they run into is that:

  1. They don’t get a ton of advanced notice on the specific game elements, if any, making the benefit of allocating pre-orders ahead of time fairly limited.
  2. Setting up (what would effectively be) non-refundable pre-orders for a field element that teams don’t know if they actually need raises a lot of potential issues, especially given the high costs associated with some elements like this.

For instance, would most teams have been interested in buying the full spinning wheel element assembly from the 2020 game after reading the rules and seeing how basically pointless it was? Now imagine pre-paying for an official version with no refunds and finding out you could have built a wood version for a fraction of the price that would have worked just as well (especially considering most teams never used it).

I suppose you could put a huge disclaimer on such pre-orders and then teams with money to burn could just buy without caring what it ended up being, but you’re not talking about a huge number of teams in that case.

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Title edited to clarify this is a question about the field list, not the source of it.


Typically it publishes in mid to late December, more like the 17-21st range if I remember correctly

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They didn’t publish one last year (source), I wouldn’t expect one this year. Although:

This decision is not a permanent one, and may or may not, persist beyond the 2023 season.

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AndyMark didn’t know about the hub (maybe 1 or 2 at most) so with NDA’s there was no way they could plan for the manufacturing of the hub .

They won’t have one this year. It’s on their website.