Is there a 57 Sport or Falcon Sport 1:1 box?

The lowest ratio I can find is the 4:1. Am I missing something? Thanks

There is not a 1:1 version of the Sport gearbox.

We’re planning to use REV’s motor mounting brackets and do a short belt run to our shooter instead.

Only that there’s no point to a 1:1 gearbox. You wouldn’t get any benefit from using it if one did exist, since it would be identical to just attaching whatever the load is directly to the motor.

Many teams use 1:1 Versaplanetaries to go from the motor shaft to a hex or 8mm shaft easily without the need to press something on the motor.

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I suppose, but when you can do the same thing with a shaft connector and have no moving parts, it just seems silly.

Motors may or may not have the bearings to deal with overhanging or side loading of the motor shaft. Running through a gear box can isolate the motor from these loads.


I wonder if @mrnoble is looking to speed up (“overdrive”) a Neo or CIM motor (for a shooter flywheel for instance). We are too. Unfortunately there aren’t many options to connect these motors to a pulley or sprocket suitably large for a 1:1 or faster ratio:

  1. Mount to the output stage of a Versaplanetary to make a 1:1 “gearbox” with a 1/2" hex output. This has the additional benefit of extra bearing support as @FrankJ mentioned. There is no equivalent in the 57 sport afaik.
  2. Use the 8mm keyed to 1/2" hex shaft adapter (I don’t know if that ends up too sloppy)
  3. Use one of the very few pulleys already broached for an 8mm CIM-type shaft
  4. 3D print your own pulley, perhaps using a CIM pinion as a hub
  5. Use a non-frc GT2 pulley with 8mm bore, which are relatively common but don’t usually have a keyway broached. Either have the keyway added by a machine shop, or trust the set screw (I wouldn’t):
  6. For the specific case of the Neo 550, you can use one of the pulleys that Rev sells which bolts to the back side of the motor:

Have I missed any options?


If you did I’m hard pressed to think of it. Good job, after a couple hours of research I settled on something that’s actually on your list.

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We did this for our shooter in Steamworks, to speed up a CIM… while it wasn’t really used in the game, the shooter continues to work quite well with no slop issues.

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Andymark now offers these for interfacing with Falcons


In addition to the hex adapter we also offer a new overdrive gearbox for the Falcon (among other inputs) that offers 1:1 as a choice. It is compatible with any two “standard” gears that total 70T for many possible over and under drive radios.


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