Is there a bare bones/minimal dashboard example?

As in the title, is there a minimal example for the dash? Basically I want my front panel to start with nothing and the block diagram to only contain code necessary to set up communications.

I don’t think such thing exists but our team has successfully managed to remove unwanted tabs that come with the basic dashboard such as the Commands and Test tabs.
It requires some rewiring and changes in subVIs that might seem problematic to touch but it didn’t have impact on the overall performance of the dashboard.
(Even though I cannot guarantee that it won’t cause you any problems)

Rather than removing most of what’s there, it might be easier to start with the full-featured example dashboard and add a blank panel on top of everything else. Or, if you like the camera view, just put what you want in a tab that is active by default.

What do you want your dashboard program to do?

I’ll probably just add the panel. The point would mainly be to make an interface from scratch without the auto sizing and without deleting anything that would kill communications. I also wanted it to be a learning experience.

I was thinking of making one from scratch using TCP and UDP packets instead of network tables so the students can get a feel for some of the lower level networking. Then over time we build in our own functionality in as we want and do it as a class.

I tested these yesterday and they worked on our robot. The client is the Dash and the server runs on the Rio.