Is there a better Can cable?

Fast plis

Better than… a banana?

:smiley: What’s your current problem you’re having? And what product is it with?


what do you mean by your question

The thing is, last season we had a lot o problems with the can cables and the concectors in the spark max, they literally connected and disconnected by touch. So this year we want to make our own connections to not use the ones that come with the spark max.

Breakout boards with Latching connectors like these can do the trick.

Though, pretty much any grabby connector will do it. Here’s another example.

Depending on the type of connector, Weidmuller Ferrules crimp-on’s can help keep the ends of your wire nice and aligned when inserting into a connector.

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Are you using the little connector clips? Those connectors on the Sparks are terrible but with clips like these (in the KoP and (IIRC) come with the Sparks) they aren’t the worst. You could also just solder the wires or use locking connectors like this

548 has used all three techniques and hasn’t had many performance issues with any. Of course, they differ in effort to implement and reusability.

With proper strain relief (securing both wires going into them near the connector) these work great. They can still fail if you just let everything flail about inside your robot.

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I don’t know what our team uses but we have never had any issues with it so when I go to robotics tonight I will let you know what we use

We put latching molex connectors on pretty much everything now. The pins are the same ones used in standard PWM connectors. @pchild can you post links?


This looks like it should do the job pretty well, and have all of your controllers’ CAN cables be generic:

I think that might be what we use too. I wasn’t able to find the bags of our extra connectors I will try again tommorow,

Sure, here you go:

yea that is what we use. so I would reccomend that

Similar yes, but not the same.

We use Anderson Power Poles for all major electrical connections on our robot. They’re like the battery connectors but smaller and easier to crimp.

The Molex crimp pin is longer. Here they are side by side. So not exactly interchangeable.

We use 2.54mm pitch JST picking connectors on our CAN bus, we used to solder it. We found that this way gives connections that’re both easily removeable and not going to come apart on accident

I think you’ve inspected some FRC robots.

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