Is there a cheep can-bus for the old E-system

I have the old E-System with jags and I want to run canbus instead of PWM. I know there use to be a product called 2can, but it has been discontinued as well as out of my price range. I was wondering if there are any cheep can-buses. For example, I’ve seen some for a arduino board, but i want to know if i can hook that up to the cRIO (old one)?

The cRIO/Jag supported CAN.
You’d need the right vintage cRIO tools though to set it up.
Here are the old directions:
The links in that have expired.

If you want to use modern CAN stuff–Talon SRX, Victor SPX, Pigeon, CANifier, things like that–my suggestion would be to skip the cRIO altogether and reach for a CTRE HERO board. 900 did this with their 2014 robot and documented it:

(Edited to add: I know the question was about CAN Jaguars; personally, I think FIRST made the Jaguars PWM-only this year for good cause. The Jaguar is a legacy option that holds about as much utility to teams as trying to mate to window motors.)

So what I can gathered from that link, it seems only the black Jags are able to do Can-bus? I have a mixture of both grey and black Jags, so that means I can’t use that method?? (or am i wrong?)

P.S I know that one year my old team used a device called a 2can. but they are no longer made and my funds are a little low :wink:

You should be able to run CAN through the old ones, but you’ll need to connect a black Jaguar to the cRIO serial port and then it should convert to CAN from there.