Is there a FIRST group?

So, I just signed up for that yesterday, and I searched through the groups for a FIRST one, but haven’t seen one.

Anybody know if one exists, or should I go ahead and make one?

I haven’t seen one. And Brandon isn’t in one, so I am sure it doesn’t exist. :slight_smile:

I’ll join if you make it.

found it…

I haven’t made one. I’d join if there were one, though. (username: pubarso)

Slightly unrelated, there is a FIRST Flickrgroup … if anybody is on Flickr.

That’s good enough for me. Since the only result I came up with for audioscrobbler on here was when Brandon posted that he joined it after Listen-To’s unfortunate end…

I’ll make a group later today and post the link here.

Right now it doesn’t seem to be updating my songs, does it sometimes take a while for songs to update?

I’m new to this audioscrobbler thing as you can tell… lol

Depending on their server load, the update could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2-3 days before your stuff updates. It takes some time to get used to after the instant update on Listen-To (which eventually brought the server to its knees).

If you don’t have a Pro account you have to wait though the cue. Look on the homepage and see if they have any delays. Sometimes it I will do it every few minutes, other times it will take a day or more. The song totals (artist and favorites) will update after so many songs, AND after the cue.

There is a first group…

add me as contact: username: benthos

Oh yea, I forgot about that little detail. The paid members have higher priority. I’m a paid member because I’m impatient – and I know how much money it takes to keep something that large going. They don’t have a payment requirement, you can give as much or as little as you want per month, I believe. I give em a buck or two. Any little bit helps.

Oops… found that one when I went to search for mine that I just made…
DOH! I should have known Jeff would make one… lol

I’ll join that one and delete mine… I don’t know why I didn’t see that one before when I looked…

I must be blind.

Elgin, you did install the plug in right?

if it is winamp, check in your options to see it the uploads are working.

Yeah… lol it was working last night/into this morning till about 2 hours ago (after I had to find a program that would put the darn id3 tags back in that I deleted of course.), or so… and then had a 2 hour pause.

I just looked and it’s updating again… idk… lol weird.

Anywho, if anyone wants the name of a good id3 tag creator (batch style lol) there is a good one at:

I had all my tracks just named " Artist - Title " (like any normal person should) and it was very easy to add id3 tags so that Audioscrobbler can see the tracks with that application. Basically stole the naming standard I made, and put the title in space 1 and artist in space 2 on the id3 tag.
Yay for not having to manually put all my id3 tags in.:slight_smile: - checks database, can organize into folders and rename file. very easy.

I’ll second MusicBrainz. The tagger is an acquired taste, though – you either love it or hate it. I suggest committing a few minutes to read the instructions and FAQ to get a full understanding of it before using it, otherwise you’ll be confused and more likely to dislike it.

Yup, MusicBrainz is awesome, I use the AmaroK music player under Linux, it integrates AudioScrobbler, MusicBrainz and fetches album covers from

Yes, I stared the group a few weeks ago. Maybe I should have said something. Oh well.