Is there a FMS off-season download for the 2020 FRC game?

It looks like FIRST hasn’t released one yet. Maybe I should be looking at Cheesy arena?

They didn’t last fall, under the “we are not providing any support to any off-season FIRST RISE events” doctrine. Maybe we’ll get lucky for 2021.


Yeah I read that. I am sure there are some events planned for this summer it would be nice to be able to use it. For now I think I’ll have to look into 254’s option.

You’ll probably have to poke and prod them a bit. I can’t recall them having the year-to-year one out much before Chezy Champs in any given year.

That said, I think it’s at least somewhat rapidly self-reconfigurable…

They relatively(?) recently released a game agnostic version: GitHub - Team254/cheesy-arena at lite

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One of the most-requested features… I wasn’t aware that was out.

That’s a good thing to know. Time to poke one of our local offseason FTA-types to see if he wants to look it over.

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This is a chicken and egg kind of situation.

FMS would need to be changed for the revised official rules (activation limits). But why would FIRST put effort into doing that until they have some events to change it for?

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FIRST would choose to support a late summer/fall 2021 offseason because these events strengthen local communities of teams, resulting in greater participation in a 2022 official season. They would also spark a community’s renewed interest in youth stem sports, as In many areas these events would be the first high school robotics competition in ~2 years.

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Exactly. Since they’ve pretty much ruled out any events for the next several months, they wouldn’t have any reason to update FMS now. Maybe ask again in July or August if FMS is released.

I had updated Cheesy Arena last year for the 2020 game in a fit of pandemic-induced boredom, but as we typically rely on Chezy Champs as a bug bash before other events use it, I can’t guarantee that it’s production-ready.

If anyone plans on using it for an actual Infinite Recharge event, let me know and I can put more effort into making it ready.


Thank you @Pat_Fairbank for all you do for Chezy Arena.

lol I’ve looked at it before and in general works pretty well. Just need to test it of course with bots which I should be able to do once I’m allowed back in the school.

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