Is there a layout configuration file for the Robot Simulation GUI?

Been playing around with the 2020 Robot Simulation GUI for a little bit today, as we slowly port over to the new 2020 commands. Very nice, so far. Looks like it has a lot of potential, once we learn how to use it.

However, I am trying to find the file(s) used in saving the layout/settings/etc. for the Robot Simulation GUI. I am wanting to find something similar to the shuffleboard.json file, which saves the size of the Shuffleboard main window, the size of the windows inside the shuffleboard, tabs, etc.

I’d like to save Robot Simulation GUI layout configuration file(s) with our GitHub builds, but Git is not seeing the change. Without deleting the .gitignore file, does anybody know the location of the Robot Simulation GUI layout configuration file(s)? It must have some somewhere, as it seems to remember changes between runs.


The development version of the sim GUI makes an imgui.ini file in the robot project, if I recall correctly. I don’t know what the 2020.3.2 version does. If it’s being ignored by Git, you can add !imgui.ini to .gitignore.

Thank you. (If it had been a snake, it would have bit me!). This is 2020.3.2, and it’s still there.

I’ll add it to .gitignore so that is is saved.

Thanks again!

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