Is there a manual for the new default code somwhere?

Me and my programming team spent several days contemplating the new default code before acknowleging that it doesn’t help.
There were supposed to be some really simple ways to get the robot moving(“The text script said in English drive 1500 millimeters, wait. Turn 2, wait, drive 1,000 millimeters, wait. English that you can understand.”)
Can somebody please tell me where to get that stuff and, even more important, how do i learn to use it?

Actually, I just posted one last night. It can be found here. The script you robot will execute is contained the commands.h file as a usercreated data type. The code in robot.c will interpret it in through a call in the autonomous section.

If you only downloaded the robot code from, it wont have the scripting part. You can get that code from Kevin Watson’s site.

I hope this helps.

-Tony K