Is there a map/way to search by location for teams? (New York City)

I was trying to find NYC teams nearest to a location. The FIRST inspires site allows searching by zip code which is good but then limits distance to 10 miles. New York City is very dense, there’s lots of things within 10 miles, but it could take you an hour to travel that far so I’m looking for something more granular.

The only way I can think of to do this is to click on each “New York” team and see where they are with a map handy. Before doing that, I figure I should ask here in case such a thing already exists.

Yes, it’s on The Blue Alliance homepage. Just click “Find nearby Teams and Events”, then enter your criteria and search. :slight_smile:

checks TBA
100 miles? Wait, there’s something FIRST does better than TBA??? At least TBA does have mapping available from the team pages, though I don’t think it’s all that accurate (it’ll get you into the city, at least).

On the other hand, I think I saw somebody post a link to a “global map” of teams in the last year or two.

Thanks! That’s exactly what I was looking for. They don’t have granularity for the miles you can search for, but it doesn’t matter because they SORT the results by distance. Which is both logical and useful.

It also helped a lot because some of the nearby teams are in the borough of Brooklyn and I hadn’t looked through all the Brooklyn teams to see which are nearby.

Don’t give FIRST too much credit here. If you actually search it orders by miles and tells you how many miles it is. TBA is far more useful here.

FYI there’s a bug with the counts and pagination, but those will get fixed in the upcoming week.

We have locations down to the school level for some teams (example:, but not all. If someone wants a side project to put together a map of teams, start contributing here! If no ones does it I’ll get to it someday…

Is this what you’re referring to?

How exactly do I contribute my team’s coordinates at this link? I went to a pretty generic github page.

Have you taken advantage of the 358 data?

That was what I was thinking I mean how many freaking engineering students do we have that really need something to do??? I also like the feeling of a map because for people that want to join a team but don’t know how to join or where to join it would make searching for a team easier for them.

Added my own words in brackets:

All of them. Every time they finish a class or project (or walk away from it). Who did you think created open source software and designs?

I was referring to contributing by building a map, not contributing coordinates. Coordinates are currently automagically determined.

No, but I don’t believe 358 locations down to the school. Though I may be mistaken.

I caught a parent and her son at our regional last year talking to a volunteer about how to find a local team. The volunteer suggested the FIRST website, which she had apparently tried to use in vain. She found out about the regional from the news (!) and came to check it out.

I interjected and pulled her aside and helped her. Apparently her son was about to enter HS in Shenendehowa - home of Team 20, but she couldn’t navigate the FIRST site to get any contact information. (She didn’t realize Team 20 was out of their school - the school is buried in a wall of sponsor text on the FIRST site.)

So yes, there’s quite a bit of room for improvement in mapping and team information, especially for those new to FIRST.

The 358 coordinates are centered on the school, sometimes the robotics room in the school. :slight_smile:

Did this link for the FRC map ever get posted?
Worth noting is they haven’t scraped for the 2017 year yet so there may be some new teams missing.

It did, in fact, but if anyone noticed, they didn’t say so ^^

Anyone interested in changing their symbol from the FIRST brand to their team brand, follow this link and follow the instructions at the bottom of the screen

The brand can’t be more than 40pX40p and you will need your team coordinates in decimal form.

Where do we put the decimal form of our coordinates?

It’s a bit farther down in scripts.js - the updatedLocations variable.

Is it just the two computers at my house, or did the latest update leave the map blank?