Is there a reason to cross the field?


The titles says it all. Is there a reason to cross the field?
Your robot starts, scores, collects game pieces and ends on the same side of the field. Also the driver stations are on that same side. So, why would a robot go the other side of the field?

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Not much. You could cross over to try and steal the other alliance’s cargo, but that’s pretty risky. Also defense

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Yes that is all that I can think of as well.


You can’t be out of package while on the other side of the field, so stealing cargo might be tricky depending on your design.


You also can’t launch elements while in the opponent’s zone. Or get hit in their HAB, which is where almost all of the cargo is.

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going to have to get creative with defense


Correction, you can’t touch them while they’re entirely in their HAB. It’s an important distinction if you’re trying to do something like steal Hatch Covers. Which I think might become a thing, because they’re a limited resource that can absolutely cap your score. If you lose control of enough Hatch Covers, the other team can guarantee a win. I think the null Hatch Covers might be declined at higher levels for the similar reasons.


Hatch covers would be hard to steal, I was thinking about the 12 Cargos in the HAB. If you could block them from coming entirely in the HAB, and had a mechanism to send the Cargos over on the ground, then it could work pretty well.


Yes. Almost no foul zones and an easily cappable scoring method mean heavy defense being played by the rockets at higher levels of play like MSC and worlds. Just my thoughts on the topic.


With having all the pieces needed to finish rockets and cargo hold I don’t think you’d need to go to the other side I think it comes done to who can get all done the fastest I don’t think much defence will be played in till champ


Defense will stop the other team from getting it done quickly : )

Even just two robots are capable of filling up all of the rockets and transports. One robot could be free for defense, or even defense defense (pushing the opponent into your HAB)


There’s almost no reason to cross over, unless its for defense, but even then keep in mind that your robot cant extend past its frame perimeter and you cant have more than one robot on the opposing alliances side.


Good defense is going to run train on the unsuspecting this season. There are almost no protected zones and placing panels is going to require some precision.


You’ll need to keep in mind that the robots trying to place may be extended upwards making it easy to tip them (, just from experience


Many robots will also likely not have a way to pick up dropped panels.

That seems like the kind of thing there’d be a rule against, but I couldn’t find one. Looks like a really good strategy.

EDIT: Rule G19 - Strategies aimed at the destruction or inhibition of ROBOTS via attachment, damage, tipping, or entanglements are not allowed.

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@j-james tipping is a big no no


Allowing for 20 seconds for endgame and including Sand Storm, it would take an ~ 11 second cycle from all three robots to complete both rockets and the cargo ship. That seems like a pretty realistic estimate for decent robots. When you remove one robot, that required cycle time goes down to just over 7 seconds. I think it’s reasonable to expect a good playoffs alliance to compete all three, but probably not with only two dedicated robots and certainly not under heavy defense.


To get to the other side.


If the other team is capable of score over half the game pieces defense matter, if a significantly less than half not that helpful.


I know I’m going to sound like a broken record, but I’m gonna say it anyway:

Defense would really be the only reason.

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