Is there a rule against pushing a solenoid to load game peices


in order to start with a hatch, our pneumatics must be fired and released. Is there a rule against poking the solenoid button to fire the pneumatics?


Nope, other than that you need to do it quickly. You also won’t be able to recharge until match start but that shouldn’t be an issue.


This is in fact how we do it because of how our mechanism works. At our first event there was no issues with any referees with this.


Note that field reset must be able to easily get the game piece out of your robot. Can you get a hatch out without pushing a solenoid?


Yup, this should be fine. We did this every match and no one said anything. Just make sure you do it fairly quickly and no one will likely say anything.


Really? I thought the team could do it? And there was no specification of “easy”, aside from not having to tether the robot?

but I’m also too lazy to look up the rules.


I think a more conservative robot inspector would find that this violates R10 , since actuating a solenoid doesn’t strike me as particularly simple or safe.


There is no rule that says field reset must get the game piece out.

Field reset crew never want to stick their hands inside of the robots anyways. It’s too risky, because they don’t understand what causes the robot to move, tip over, elevators fall, etc. It’s always safer to let the team do it.


Depending on where the solenoid is located, it can be very simple and safe to it will break your finger.
That has been asked a couple of time on Q&A. The responses I remember has always been “there are no rules against this.” Keep in mind what they say about past years rules and Q&A :slight_smile: Anyway you can always dump the air to remove the game piece.