Is there a rule against shooting two balls at the same time?

I was wondering as I cannot find any rules in the manual.


So long as you’re holding no more than 5 balls, you can, legally, shoot all 5 at the same time.


I dont think so, it is just generally considered too difficult and not worth the effort.


842s robot from 2017. They had two turrets spitting out balls.

Too bad that wasn’t worth much that year.


If the manual doesn’t explicitly call it out as illegal, then it’s legal.
Unless you wanted to make your own plywood last year.


This is one of my favorite robots ever. It’s the coolest thing when they rotate around and track at the same time.


Do not invoke the wood that must not be named unless you want to curse this thread with arguments as circular as the bumpers


You can, 118 did something like this with everybot where they would dump all 5 balls in to lower goal, you can shoot 5 at once, might not be the best idea tho. Efficiency or cycle time

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You have a 5 Power Cells limit this year.

Yes, we do. So the whole thing would be over in a very short time, then you’d have to get more PCs.

That’s why I believe @RobotCapt wrote that double-shooters are not worth it. You can’t stack tens or even 100+ balls (like in 2017) so the time you save isn’t significant this year.

I hope you’ve figured out that I only posted the pic of that robot, because it’s just so neat. (and I know one of the mentors on the team, he was talking about how they needed two turrets again this year!)

But in real life, shooting two balls at once is legal AFAIK, but it gets tricky because if you only have one shooter, the energy to shoot two balls at once is about twice that to shoot one, and the shooter performance would probably have to be adjusted for how many balls you’re doing at once, which may not be a trivial thing to do.

So yeah, it’s legal, but it’s also difficult.

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You can, although I wouldn’t recommend it. If you have a good shooter design, shooting two balls won’t really save you any time and it adds to the complexity of the robot, the weight of the robot, and the space in the robot. There are far more effective ways to make your robot better than adding a 2nd shooter.

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About that I agree :slight_smile:

225 Tech Fire in FMA had a similar shooter to this in 2017. Could shoot 3 fuel at once. Great robot.

If anyone takes this approach, I’d be impressed.


I knew it was going to be this before I clicked it. We talk about this robot just about every year during game analysis.

Update to this robot: everything was taken off and is now placed inside a bin in our play room.

(the plan was to turn it into a demo bot but we didn’t get to finish.)

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I recently found out that somebody actually did do a two-shooter for 2020.

Lots of novel ideas in this bot!

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